Robert Redford, a Napa Valley resident for the past eight years, has announced  that he is joining the fight with Save Rural Angwin against the proposed subdivision by a Seattle developer, Triad Corporation, and Pacific Union College.

  “I believe that the citizens of Napa Valley, from American Canyon to Calistoga care about preserving our beautiful agricultural and rural heritage.  That is why I am happy to join the Advisory Council of Save Rural Angwin in its efforts to preserve this naturally carved land-basin from development,” Redford said.

Members of the Angwin community opposing the so-called "eco-village" are elated with the Redford action.  Although he comes forward as a local guy, he also comes forward with many years as an environmental activist.  He knows how to fight this kind of battle.  He has the experience.   He has the clout.  He sees rural Angwin as a small treasure but an important piece of the larger picture. 

            Redford was recently named by TIME magazine as one of their “Heroes of the Environment.”   “The list of battles he’s fought, places he’s saved, and  pieces of legislation he’s helped along is taller than an old-growth redwood…”

            Redford is an Academy Award-winning film director, actor, and producer.  Besides his artistic achievements,  Redford has championed environmental causes long before it was the popular thing to do.  He has worked tirelessly for 35 years to protect natural treasures. 

This is a big, really big warrior on the side of the Angwin community and its 1000 supporters around the County.

            April 18 Duke University will award him the Duke LEAF Award, for lifetime environmental achievement in the fine arts. The purpose of the award is to recognize artists whose work inspires environmental awareness and stewardship in others.

            Donna Morgan, a member of the SRA Steering Committee and long-time resident of Angwin said today, “Redford’s leadership will help make all citizens of Napa Valley aware of the fact that to some degree we are all stewards of the land. Growing up on a farm in Montana I understand stewardship. Once the land is paved over it is gone forever.”

            The Save Rural Angwin Advisory Council is composed of 13 civic leaders of Napa County some of them veterans in the forty-year old battle to preserve agricultural land. They are: Meade Baldwin, Carl Benson, Jon-Mark Chappellet, Hugh Davies, Guy Kay, Robin Lail, Dick Maher, Mary Novak, Dario Sattui, John Shafer, Mel Varrelman, Barbara and Warren Winiarski.

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