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Pacific Union Colleg‘s president, Heather Knight, announces that the College has abandoned its plans for a massive development in the heart of Angwin.      Full Article

PUC Dumps Massive Development- October 2010

There is hidden treasurer to be found on the property of Pacific Union College.      Full Article

Hidden Treasure?

PUC Bent on Shrinking Itself?

  Angwin Reporter:  "What is a community" and "Building subdivisions in downtown Angwin"

First Vineyard Abutting PUC Core Campus- February 2014

In 2002, the Pacific Union College Board of Trustees adopted a policy of selling hundreds of PUC acres for housing, vineyards and wineries. The policy soon thereafter produced a proposal for 580 houses in Angwin.
When that, and subsequent proposals, went down the drain, the promotional emphasis shifted to agricultural lands.......  Read Full Article

Save Rural Angwin and Angwin Community Lose a Friend

The Jack L. Davies Napa Valley Agricultural Land Preservation Fund website, http://www.jldagfund.org/book.html,  features the book "Oral Histories of Napa County's Agricultural Preserve".  Number 4 on the list of notable people interviewed is Volker Eisele.  To read it is to "hear" his voice.