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Save Rural Angwin
       Protecting Ag Land and Angwin's Rural Character

  is great site which outlines the history and unique features of Angwin.  Of particular interest is a great description of living in Angwin and the need for a preservation of the rural nature of the community.

www.angwinreporter.com    is published in Angwin about the events, news and stories of the Angwin community.  Entirely web based.

   is the County of Napa website address where all County information can be accessed.  .

http://www.napalocalfood.com Napa County has established a Local Food Advisory Council (LFAC).  The Council will shepherd sustainable food production in Napa County.  PUC is represented on this Council.  SRA supporters can find on-going information about upcoming meetings and events, notes and minutes from past events and discussions, and other relevant information about the LFAC

Napa County Farm Bureau is a voluntary, non-profit, non-governmental organization whose basic goal is to ensure the right political, social, and economic climate for the continuation of agriculture.  NCFB actively represents agriculture throughout the county and supports SRA as a partner for saving rural Angwin. 
www.napavision2050.org   Vision 2050 has been started by your neighbors who have a keen interest in protecting land-use and the watersheds in Napa County.  Membership is made up of both individuals and affiliated organizations.  Vision 2050's mission is to advocate for responsible planning to insure the sustainability of the finite resources of Napa County .
www.mtveederstewardshipcouncil.org   Mt Veeder Stewardship Council is a not-for-profit organization established in 2012 in response to adverse development in the Mount Veeder watershed.  Their mission statement is to encourage sustainability of our natural resources and to ensure that the rich biodiversity and rural quality of life in the private and public lands of our pristine watershed are respected, conserved and protected for future generations through education, local community involvement and outreach to government and business stakeholders.

www.protectruralnapa.org Protect Rural Napa is dedicated to promoting land conservation awareness, education and outreach in Napa County for the benefit of current and future generations.  It was created in an effort to reinforce the original intentions of the Ag Preserve through community support and action.

www.saveyountvillehill.org   Save Yountville Hill, a group of concerned Napa County residents opposing the proposed Yountville Hill Winery, successfully appealed the Planning Commission's approval of the project to the Board of Supervisors in 2014, requiring that any future winery application associated with the site be brought forward accompanied by a full Environmental Impact Report (EIR).

http://sodacanyonroad.org  This website is an outgrowth of the potential development of a new tourism venue to be located in Soda Canyon.

www.shrfrg.com SHuR FRoG is a group of St. Helena residents that are dedicated to protecting the unique small town character, breathtaking open spaces and rural nature of St. Helena.  Members share many of the same concerns as Save Rural Angwin supporters.

www.savelagoonvalley.org    The Lagoon Valley Conservancy are fighting a similar battle as Save Rural Angwin

www.ceres.ca.gov/ceqa is the state website for California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requirements, guidelines for evaluation of projects, and frequently asked questions.  CEQA is a statute that requires state and local agencies to identify the significant impacts of their actions and to avoid or mitigate those impacts if feasible.
www.opr.ca.gov is the governor's Office of Planning and Research.  OPR assists the governor and the Administration in land-use planning and plays a critical role providing legislative and policy research.
www.nctpa.net is the Napa County Transportation and Planning Agency website.

  The Watershed Information Center and Conservancy (WICC) of Napa County guides and supports the community in its efforts to maintain and improve the health of Napa County's watershed lands.  The WICC Board serves as an advisory committee to the Board of Supervisors.  The Board assists the Supervisors in their decision making process and serve as a conduit for citizens to provide input related to the management of watershed resources county-wide.  The WICC Board holds regular public meetings on the fourth Thursday of every month and all public are welcome to attend and participate.

www.napawatersheds.org  Protecting the watersheds of Napa County cannot succeed without the participation of the citizens who work, play, and live in the watershed.  Although there are many actions an individual can take to protect our natural resources, watershed protection is best accomplished through the cumulative affects of cooperative community awareness and involvement.Building partnerships and working jointly to preseerve our watersheds is an essential part of the effort to provide long term protection of our watersheds' natural systems.

  (local) Provides local resources and programs such as free chipping, site evaluations, community workshops and firewise funding opportunities for residents of Napa County

www.firewise.org (Regional)  The Firewise Communities program where governmental agencies and firefighters work to help people live more smartly in wildfire-prone areas.

www.readyforwildfire.org (State)  Produced by CalFire and aimed at homeowners, this website illustrates the basics of fire-safe building and landscaping practices.

www.napabike.org   (Regional)  Biking in the Napa Valley.


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