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Save Rural Angwin
       Protecting Ag Land and Angwin's Rural Character

How To Help SRA

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed it's the only thing that ever has."          
        Margaret Mead

√  Sign up as a Supporter of Save Rural Angwin.  Everyone can help! Sign Up Now!

  Write letters to newspapers, your local representatives, and Pacific Union College.  Encourage PUC to explore financial options consistent with the rural character of Angwin and the community of Angwin.  Share your ideas!    See Take Action .

    Have a question, a comment, or a concern. Let us hear from you !
  Attend meetings as posted on this website.   See Issue Alerts.
  Contribute funds to pay for on-going legal and environmental consultant services, public relations, and communication costs such as mailings.  We take donations made out to : Save Rural Angwin, Box 222, Angwin,  CA  94508.  No donation is too small and all contributions are gratefully acccepted.

  Talk to your neighbors and friends.  Share the facts and point them to this website.

  Volunteer your time and/or expertise.  Help is needed as SRA ‘ambassadors’ lobbying local representatives for political support, assisting with website material including daily review of news media;  monitoring and contributing to social net-working sites, attending and reporting back to SRA Steering Committee on County meetings about relevant topics such as traffic and transportation, workforce housing and jobs/housing balance, and climate protection and land use discussions; and either making presentations or becoming an SRA laison to other organized groups about SRA concerns and proposals. Computer skills are especially desirable for a number of specific SRA needs.