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Save Rural Angwin
       Protecting Ag Land and Angwin's Rural Character

Frequently Asked Questions
(Updated April 2014)

Who or what is SRA?

Save Rural Angwin (SRA) is a grass roots community group that formed to stop inappropriate development of Angwin.  We solicit and accept voluntary individual contributions to finance the mission of Save Rural Angwin.  Contributions are not tax-deductible, either for charitable or business expenses.  Today nearly 1,000 Angwin and Napa Valley citizens have signed on as supporters of SRA.


What is the mission of SRA?

SRA's mission is "To protect agriculture and the natural environment, the twin sources of Napa County's prosperity and quality of life."

When and why was Save Rural Angwin formed?

During the Napa County General Plan Update process (2005-2007), "Urban Residential" land use designations (the so-called "Urban Bubbles") in unincorporated Napa County were a subject of much discussion.  In short, "Bubbles" were open invitations to developers to place high density housing in inappropriate locations.  Then in 2006, in an article titled "The Transformation of Angwin" a Pacific Union College spokesperson  revealed PUC's desire to build 1,157 new homes on the college lands inadvertently designated "urban residential". Triad Communities LTD, a large Seattle-based development company hired by PUC, began testing the waters of public opinion regarding this 1,000-plus subdivision proposal in the heart of the Angwin basin. Following phone surveys, the proposed number of housing units was revised downward to 591 new housing units and various other enterprises. Later still, following public opposition, the number of proposed housing units was reduced to 380.  Residents were appalled and angry to think that there was a plan afoot to pave over land that has been farmed for over 100 years, thereby destroying the rural character of the village.   SRA was formally established with the State of California in September 2006 as a Political Action Committee focused on obtaining appropriate land use designations consistent with the rural character of Angwin and challenging the Triad-proposed development project.  Fast forward to October 2010, PUC announced they had severed their contractual relationship with Triad and dropped the so-called "eco-village" subdivision plans and would seek alternative avenues for endowment funding. In the spring of 2012, PUC began negotiating sale of much of their land - again, to developers! By February 2013, PUC had entered another contractual relationship for the sale and development of approximately 600-700 acres, this time with a Delaware limited liability company, Sustainable Community Partners, LLC (SCP).

Though no longer a Political Action Committee, SRA has continued to work to achieve appropriate land use designations for Angwin. 

"There's trouble in Angwin."

                 Volker Eisele