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Save Rural Angwin
       Protecting Ag Land and Angwin's Rural Character

About SRA

Our Mission:  "To protect agriculture and the natural environment, the twin sources of Napa County's prosperity and quality of life"


Steering Committee

Michael Hackett, Chairperson
Kellie Anderson
 Duane Cronk
  Susan Leick
Virgil Morris
 Paula Peterson
Allen Spence
John Tully
Marsa Tully

Advisory Council

 Carl Benson
Jon-Mark Chappellet
Laurie Claudon
Hugh Davies
Guy Kay
Robin Lail
Dick Maher
Mary Novak
Robert Redford
Dario Sattui
John Shafer
Mel Varrelman
Barbara Winiarski
Warren Winiarski

Save Rural Angwin (SRA) is a grass roots and all-volunteer organization dedicated to protecting and preserving the rural setting and community character of Angwin. We believe in "smart growth".  Angwin is an unincorporated village located on Howell Mountain, overlooking the Napa Valley.  SRA actively participated in the Napa County General Plan update and Amendment processes (2005-2009) lobbying for policies that encouraged land uses compatible with the character of the area, including its central open space, agricultural focus, and wooded setting while allowing for provision of limited commercial services and workforce housing focused on the Angwin community.  SRA supports Pacific Union College in its educational mission.  SRA recognizes that there are other options to securing financial support for the college other than conversion of farmland and open space.  

"Every unnecessary house built in Angwin is a nail  in the coffin of the Napa Valley Agriculture Preserve"                   
      Warren Winiarski